Sleep Better with the Better Sleep Pillow

If you could do one thing to help your sleep problem and waking up totally refreshed the next morning in a brand new body - wouldn’t you do it?

If all it took was an ingeniously contoured memory foam pillow to end your snoring, tossing and turning, something that would dramatically improve your mood and energy level the next day - wouldn’t it be a lifesaver and worth a try?

Total Sleep Aid!

In a quality-of-sleep study conducted on 1000 subjects, 90% said they would continue to use the Better Sleep Pillow™ instead of their own.

This is the miracle of the Better Sleep Pillow™. Sure, it's a pillow, but what an amazing pillow! If you’ve tried everything in your search for a good night’s sleep and hate to jump into yet another treatment that offers no guarantees, this is the safest and most inexpensive form of sleep therapy money can buy.

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No one's understood sleep innovation better than Dr. Berke, a neurosurgeon who battled debilitating insomnia and shoulder and neck pain all his adult life. He bought and tried all types of pillows; contour pillows, cervical pillows, expensive Swedish pillows, neck pillows, orthopedic pillows and memory foam pillows that were on the market. None of them gave him relief from pain.

By creating his patented Better Sleep Pillow™, Dr. Berke discovered the amazingly simple principal behind improving quality of sleep for all: a contour, orthopedic pillow with support provided by memory foam.

Dr. Berke has made bedtime the best time of the day for untold thousands! People just like you:

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A Superior Orthopedic Pillow


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Back View

Better sleep pillow

To make the Better Sleep Pillow™, we combine certified space technology (Memory Foam) with ergonomic design to give you the gift of a lifetime: quality sleep the minute your head hits the pillow.

Managing your sleep is all about having the right tools. With its exclusive multi-positionable design and recessed “ports” for your sleeping arm, Better Sleep Pillows™ easily accommodate stomach, side and back sleepers, perfectly nesting the upper body in the position that supports you best.

Just look at all its special features and you understand immediately why the Better Sleep Pillow™ is the most advanced orthopedic pillow / cervical pillow on the market today:

FOR YOUR ARM >> a center & side recess.

Bottom View

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FOR YOUR HEAD >> an elevating contour


Side View

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FOR YOUR BACK >> pressure sensitive memory foam

Finding the Right Neck Pillow


Front View w/ Terrycloth Cover

Better sleep!

Often, a restless night’s sleep is the result of an unsupportive pillow. The average sleeper rotates through multiple head and neck positions throughout the night. And because the average pillow was never designed to respond and adapt to change (or different body shapes), your pillow slowly succumbs to your weight, reduced to a smooshy, lumpy sack of feathers or foam.

Only a pillow composed of 100% memory foam can adapt to your precise coordinates with targeted and continuous support. It adapts not once, but multiple times throughout the night as you change your sleeping position!

In fact, the Better Sleep Pillow™ is the only orthopedic pillow designed to settle your body comfortably, on your back, side or stomach in the correct spinal alignment. Frequently changing your sleeping position demands different support. That is why Dr. Berke designed this distinctive multi-positionable sleeping pillow. It’s not just corrective support; it’s like having back and neck therapy while you sleep!

Especially for side sleepers, the recessed arm and shoulder support is contoured so that you can rest your head and neck comfortably in a natural position that allows for correct spinal alignment. Your head and neck stay level while the Memory Foam provides flexible cushioning and jaw comfort - essential for TMJ sufferers.

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Snoring Remedy

Ever wonder why anyone would give you a rude shove in the middle of the night? The Better Sleep Pillow™ is designed especially for snoring side sleepers, extending the neck to open critical air passageways, and preventing your head from being pushed forward while you’re on your back … the two biggest scenarios for snoring!


Allergy sufferers love our Better Sleep Pillow™ foam because it’s naturally hypo-allergenic — bacteria and mildew can't live inside this memory foam. This pillow is also free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or PBDE (Poly brominated diphenyl ether). And did you know Better Sleep Pillows™ are three times more resistant to dust mites than regular bedding?

A Gift for Him, Gift for Her, and Overnight Guests

Scientific studies have linked enhanced quality of sleep with improved quality of life.

During sleep, the body is supposed to rest, recover, recuperate and prepare for the next day. For many of us, that never happens, and we awaken tired, irritated, on edge, and in worse shape than the day before. And what we may not even realize is that when we’re feeling jet-lagged and cranky all the next day from lack of sleep, our sleep deprivation becomes everybody’s problem, not just our own.

That’s why we always say make sure you buy one for everyone in the house. Everyone deserves Better Sleep Pillows™ for maximum comfort!

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